Sherlock BBC

Fandom:Sherlock BBC
Title:On the courting behaviour of the British Sherlock
Raiting:Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Count / Words:1532 words
Summary:Sherlocks can be destructive when bored. We're hoping the introduction of a companion John Watson will improve matters.

Смешной крэковый фик, в котором два исследователя изучают поведение Шерлоков и Джонов в зоопарке.

“It’s a courting display,” said Poppy, suddenly certain. “Look he’s taking his scarf off,” and indeed the Sherlock had removed his scarf and was showing off a long pale throat.

“Are Sherlocks gay then?”

“Who knows?” said Poppy excited; this was worth a letter to Nature at least, maybe even an article. “He’s never shown any kind of interest in anything like that before. Stay there, take note of everything. I’m going to get a camera.”

When she returned five minutes later the John was still on his rock, surrounded by several piles of newspaper, a human skull and what looked suspiciously like Poppy’s old pair of binoculars. The Sherlock was sitting very close to him and chattering in a low voice. Occasionally the John would interject with soft cries and the Sherlock would break off to preen.

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2012-07-17 в 18:34 

Филифьонка в ожидании
Никогда такого не было, и вот опять!
Как мило! )))) надо почитать, спасбо за рекомендацию!

2012-07-17 в 18:48 

Филифьонка в ожидании,

Он прелестный, и, главное, короткий. Самое-то для чтения на работе - надолго не отвлечет, но настроение повысит=)

2012-09-11 в 08:32 

Филифьонка в ожидании
Никогда такого не было, и вот опять!
Тоже прочитала вчера. Это такая прелесть! :laugh: Спасибо!

2012-09-11 в 20:32 

Филифьонка в ожидании,

Пожалуйста! Я сама сейчас пошла и с удовольствием перечитала=)


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